Photography Policy

Photographs are an amazing way to remember your visit to Applewood Orchards. Any photographer who is exchanging their services for money and taking photos at Applewood must purchase a photography pass. 

Photography Pass

The photography guidelines outlined here are intended for all guests, but a pass is necessary for those who wish to use the orchard setting as the background for posed photography. This would include wedding, family, engagement, graduation, prom, senior photos, or the like. The pass is needed regardless of whether the photographer is a family member, professional, etc...

A photography pass is a one-time 30 dollar fee. This allows you to take photos on the property any time during regular business hours. You will still need to purchase an admissions ticket to gain access to the Fort Applewood playground area and the corn maze.

If you are interested in scheduling a private photography session on the property not during regular business hours it is a fee of 50 dollars an hour. Please call at least a week ahead of when you would like to schedule the session so we can ensure staff is available on the requested day.

General Photo Guidelines

Applewood Orchards is private property and your adherence to these guidelines is required. Posed photographs may be taken in the outdoor areas
only. No photos shall be taken in any of the buildings or on any equipment.


- Call ahead to schedule. More than one session may be scheduled for the
same time frame. In the event of rain, you may reschedule your session.

 - No smoking.

 - No food or drink, including alcoholic beverages.

 - Remain on the pathways and grassy turf at all times.

 - No pets.

 - Do not climb the trees.

 - Only access our property while we are open. Property is off limits outside of normal operations.

 - Do not climb on any equipment.

 - Do not climb the wood piles.

 - Do not disturb or remove leaves, apples, flowers, plants, plant labels or containers.

 - Do not block access to the entrance, pathways, or garden areas for use by others.

 - Guests should come dressed and prepared for their photo session. There are no designated changing areas available. There are no bathrooms available during off-season times


​Formal Posed Photography

Definition: Posed photography would include wedding, family, engagement, prom, graduation, senior photos, or the like. The photographer may be a professional, a family member, friend, etc...

Location: Posed photographs may be taken in the outdoor areas only. No photos shall be taken in any of the buildings or on any equipment.

Fees: A $30 scheduling fee will be assessed for each one-hour session. If you would like to use any of our apple crates for photo props they can be rented for the session at $5/each.

There are no refunds for the cancellation of a photography session. In the event of rain, you may reschedule your session.

Scheduling: Your posed photography session will be scheduled at the convenience of the owners. In all cases, the photography session must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance and begin and end within the allotted time. In the event of rain, you may reschedule your session. Applewood reserves the right to cancel sessions at any time due to the needs of the orchard. Our number one priority is the health of our apples and there are times we need to treat them to keep them healthy which may create conditions not ideal for the public. We will do our best to give you as much notice as possible if this is to happen. If your session is cancelled because of the needs of the orchard you will have the opportunity to reschedule or be refunded your photo pass fee. Either the subject or the photographer may make the reservation. General Photography Guidelines apply.  Applewood Orchards is not responsible for damage to any photography equipment and/or props. Photographers are responsible for client safety at all times.

Failure to comply with the General Photography Guidelines will result in the loss of user privileges.


Promotional Photography

Photographers taking photographs which will be used to promote Applewood Orchards, for instance in travel publications or the like, will not be assessed a fee. Arrangements must be made in advance.


Stock Photography

Photos taken as stock photography for publications, greeting cards, calendars, resume development or the like are in this category. Photographers in this category are asked to pay a one-time, lifetime fee of $50. Arrangements must be made in advance.